contemporary stags head, red deer antlers, stag antlers


Do you design and make your own products? Handmade, limited editions? Are they of exceptional quality? Are you interested in being promoted as an artist and selling your work on our site?

We are currently on the look out for products to sell alongside our own range. We're really interested in talking with independent designers (both graphic and interiors), sculptors, artists and jewellery makers to sell on our site under your own brand.

We do look for interesting or edgy products that will compliment our own, and are not interested in anything kitch, cute or cuddly. Some of our future products are a little risque, and therefore we don't feel the country kitchen look will suit us!

We are hoping to have a good number of sellers with us in the near future, so please do get in touch.

Fake Danes aside, our background is in digital marketing and SEO so we will ensure your products get an amazing audience.

We don't ask a sellers fee - but we do take a small commission on every sale. We'll also promote your work heavily.

If you are interested, please get in touch with Heather