contemporary stags head, red deer antlers, stag antlers

Bespoke finishes for our Stags Heads and Deer Antlers

As well as the pieces that you see for sale, we are very open to creating bespoke finishes for you. Below are some materials for you to look through, as inspiration or as actual finishes you would like. For interior designers we can work with you on any clients scheme to produce a piece that compliments the overall design. Just contact us for information.


We are happy to give any particular finish a go, within reason. We will advise if we think a particular finish will not work (in our opinion of course).


Below we have a few examples of the different coloured Swarovski crystals available. There are over 40 colours, so please let us know if you require a different colour and we can send you a full colour chart.


As mentioned in our ethical section, we only work with animal skulls that we know have been treated ethically and not killed for sport. There are no exceptions. If you are looking for a particular animal, we can try and source one for you, but we must be able to verify the history of the animal. If you yourself have a skull that you wish us to design, we will be more than happy to quote for this too, but again, the history of the animal must be made clear to us.

Click here to email us about a particular finish you are after.


Variegated Red/Yellow
Variegated Orange/Blue
Copper Leaf
Silver Leaf
12ct White Gold
22.5ct Gold Leaf
23ct Gold Leaf


Yellow Crystal
Rose Crystals
Red Crystal
Rainbow Crystal
Peach Crystal
Emerald Green Crystal
Clear Crystal
Black Crystal
Aqua Crystal


Wooden Effect
Spray Paint
Pink Snake Print
Pink Leopard Print
Old Newspaper
Leopard Print
Green Funky Pattern
Cow Print