contemporary stags head, red deer antlers, stag antlers

Swarovski Deer - SOLD

Ladies and gentlemen - meet Angus. Angus has been silver leafed and then painstakingly encrusted with over 7,000 Swarovski Crystals.... We have used different sized crystals, ranging from 1.8mm right through to 4mm. By using the smaller crystals around the contours of his skull, you really eccentuate all the natural curves and crevaces. These pictures just do not do him justice - he is abslutely stunning. When the sun or artificial light hits him, he literally brings the room to life. Swarovski crystals are the finest quality you can buy, they are cut so beautifully and look exquisite on Angus.

We give each of our animals a name, as a sign of respect, this is Angus, meaning unnaturally strong; singular; only choice. Scots Celtic god Angus Og helped his people with his wisdom and intelligence. We felt he deserved a god-like name. He measures approximately 800mm in height, by 750mm in width and comes with a metal Fake Danes plaque placed on the back of his head. All of our animals are ethically sourced, and non are killed for sport. No exceptions. He really was a labour of love, we hope you love him as much as we do.


Price £: 895