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Wallische Goat - SOLD

Alfons is a stunning and extremely rare piece - a true one off. Wallische Goats are exceptionally hard to get hold off, and we probably wont get another one. He has been hand gilded with the finest quality white gold leaf to compliment the tones in his striking horns, that have been lacquered with a clear varnish to bring out the natural colours. The white gold works so well on this, as the skull is not 100% smooth, it appears as a subtle but rich champagne colour.

We name all of our heads as a sign of respect, Alfons is the Dutch, German and Polish form of Alfonso, meaning "noble and ready."

Wallische Goats live majoritively in the Netherlands, and although we don't know much about this particular piece, we do know that he died naturally and not purely for this as do all of our pieces. Read more about our ethical approach. He measures a total of 52cm from tip of nose to tip of horns, and is approximately 46cm wide between tip of each horn.

We have hung him on dark and paler walls, and he really is a handsome and striking addition to any home, in any room.....


Price £: 375