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White Gold Wildebeest - SOLD

**EXCLUSIVE** We are very pleased to publish our latest and RAREST one off piece created by the Fake Danes. This is Mtembei - our wonderful, stunning wildebeest.

Mtembei (African name meaning 'to roam / wild one') has been hand gilded with the finest 12 CARAT white gold leaf. He has been lacquered to preserve the wonderful almost pearlescent champagne coloured finish that the white gold gives him.

Mtembei came to us from a collector of rare skulls and other skeletons in Belgium. As ever, we were of course extremely interested in how the collector came by him, we would never buy any animal skulls without being 100% confident that the animal died naturally or for ethical reasons. Mtembei was bred in captivity and was never a wild wildebeest, he died at a good old age (we are not sure how old he is) from natural causes.

These kind of skulls, in this excellent condition, are extremely rare and hard to come by, he really is one of a kind, and one we thoroughly enjoyed creating. He looks absolutely fantastic hanging on the wall, truly a magnificent focal point in any room.

When this item is sold we are happy to try and source another one, please contact us if you are interested in such an exquisite piece

Price £: 475