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6 Pointer Silver Leaf Stag - SOLD

This is Fearghas – beautifully gilded with 100% pure silver leaf, this fantastic stags skull is from a 6-year-old Red Deer from the Scottish Isle of Mull. It has been hand gilded with extremely high quality silver leaf, and varnished to ensure it doesn’t tarnish.

It is extremely important to us at FakeDanes, to know the origin of all of our products. We ensure that they are all ethically sourced and with little or no impact on the environment.  We pay a lot of attention to the work we do with the deer that have been culled, and as a sign of respect to these majestic animals that once roamed the Scottish countryside, we give each one its own name.

These antlers are extremely symmetrical, and exceedingly dark. The dark colour is developed as the deer lived in a pine forest, and the sap from the trees, drip onto their antlers creating this rich colour.

Price £: 225