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9 point Gold Stag - FOR SALE

This is Albert, a stunning and majestic 9 year old Scottish Red Deer Stag. He has been lovingly gilded with gold leaf (not a high CARAT gold leaf due to the extortionate cost of gold currently...)

Unusually - we took the decision to gild his antlers, as they were not the deep dark colour of his relatives. We have hung him both on white walls and darker colour walls and he looks equally impressive on both. Really suits a high ceiling room above a fireplace, or a hall way.

Albert is a Scottish boys name often shortened to Bert. Originally a Germanic name meaning "noble / bright". He is very symmetrical, and quite a beast. He is approximately 85cm from tip of nose to total height of antlers, and approx 73cm between tip of each antler. He is LARGE!

Albert was culled by an official stalker on a Scottish estate - due to over population. Please read more about our ethical approach.

As ever, each piece we sell is totally unique, and Albert is no exception. He is big, loud and wonderfully majestic. Enjoy him, as we did..

Price £: 325