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Leopard Print Sika Deer - SOLD

Iagan - has a completely different finish than we have ever done before. The result I must say - is rather fantastic.

Iagan (pronounced Eegan and meaning 'the little fiery one" in gaelic) has been decoupage'd with pink leopard print and gold leafed antlers. He has a gold matchng Fake Danes metal plaque on the back of his neck. He is 7 years old, and the right side antlers are slightly longer than the left hand side, but this only adds to his uniqueness! We love him, and cant quite believe how well he has turned out.

He is one of our smallest Sika Deer, measuring 50cm in height and approx 38cm at his widest.

Iagan was culled due to the over population in Scotland of Sika and Red Deers, not for sport. Please read our ethical page for further information.

We are always happy to explore diferent materials on our stags, have a look at our bespoke page. All of our antlers come ready to hang with a chain fixed. Please do get in touch if you would like some further information.

Price £: 125