contemporary stags head, red deer antlers, stag antlers

Swarovski Goat - SOLD

Lu-Long has been gold leafed and then painstakingly encrusted with over 6,500 Swarovski Crystals. We have used different sized crystals, ranging from 1.2mm right through to 4mm. By using the smaller crystals around the contours of his skull, you really accentuate all the natural curves and crevices of the skull. His antlers have been given a coat of varnish to highlight the natural dark colour and the beautiful golden highlights streaking through them.

It is extremely important to us at FakeDanes, to know the origin of all of our products. We ensure that they are all ethically sourced and with little or no impact on the environment. Lu-Long died of natural causes and was not killed for sport.

The striking horns have beautiful stripes all the way down and are stunningly symmetrical. Approximately 280mm in depth, 650mm width.

Price £: 1200