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Crystal Sika Deer - SOLD

This is Dùghall (pronounced DOO-ghul) which means ‘Black Stranger’ in Gaelic. He has been stained black and encrusted by hand with approximately 3,500 black crystals. This stunning stag skull is from a 6-year-old Scottish Sika deer.

An astonishing and unusual piece of artwork, he looks fantastic on a plain wall, above a mantel piece and somewhere well lit, so you can see the exquisite sparkling crystals glinting in the light. In all cases where deer are present, management by culling is necessary. This is undertaken by professional wildlife managers, traditionally known as “stalkers”, who have unmatched experience in working with wildlife in Scotland, and a close knowledge of deer in particular. Please see our ethical page for more information.

These products do not come up everyday, we buy these in their natual state from independent deer stalkers in Scotland, so if you would like a piece like this, do get in touch, we can customize the finish to your liking of course..

Price £: 495