Posted on Oct 17, 2011 by Heather in Lifestylein General

Peter Gronquist - The Evolution will be fabulous

So I get an email this morning from a friend, saying 'thought you might like these....' so I clicked on the link and BOOM yes I do like these very much - thank you for sharing Aaron.

The link led to pictures of a recent exhibition at Gallery 1988 in Venice by artist Peter Gronquist, who resides in Oakland, California (East Bay). I was totally blown away by what Peter has created, using very similar products to what we use, but he has given the antlers an INSANE twist..... Although I am not 100% on how he creates these extraordinary extensions to the antlers on these animals, I can kinda presume they are cast out of a lightweight material, then gilded with gold leaf.

I can fully see that these pieces of art are not to everyones taste, neither is some of our work, but would I have one of these pieces at home? Yes I would thank you very much - absolutely brilliant, we salute you Peter Gronquist.




(Images courtesy of




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